Cover Design Presentation


Are you ready for your cover presentations? Please turn up a bit earlier and load your presentations into the drop box of my Lecturers folder. This way it will make the presentations quicker. Please use your name on your PDF. DON’T call it coverpresentation.pdf or you’ll not be able to find it, and I will not be able to mark it.

What you’ll need:

1. At least 3 different cover designs. They do not need to be TOTALLY different. They can be, but it’s not necessary. I would try to do 3 variations of the one idea, so perhaps one using illustration, one using photography and one using type.

Or, say you have a fantastic cover photograph that is appropriate for your publication. In this case, try experimenting with different sizes of masthead, different placements of your masthead. You could play with different fonts for your headlines or colours.

2. An explanation of your project. You are going to stand up and present your covers. I want you to all introduce yourself and briefly explain whay your project is, what you are planning to do for your publication design, and then what you have tried to achieve with your covers. Each person should take no more than 4 minutes.

Remember, this is worth marks.


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