Seriously beautiful work


“By hijacking technology, I am treating the book as a sculpture and transforming typography into a new entity with a conscious connection to architecture. This works intention is to be a journey inside a page or a book. I allow the viewer to perceive typography from a different angle and to look into ‘nonexistent spaces’.”

Marion Mayr is a London-based Austrian graphic designer focused on printed media with a specific interest in typography. Her work is seriously, seriously beautiful. She plays with form, type and the page to create new meanings. Look at her self initiated work to be inspired.



2 Responses to “Seriously beautiful work”

  1. 1 Dmitri

    This really is cool. The ideas are brilliant themselves: the notion of a book as a three-dimensional, wavy structure with text presented on several ‘planes’ challenges perception and brings new paradigms to book typography. It must have required some very clever programming/scripting to produce such a book, However, the problem with a computer-generated book (which I’m assuming it is) is that it contains lots of visual content, but very little informational content in the true sense of the word. I’m not sure that such a book is really fun to read. At any rate, it’s an idea that I’m definitely going to experiment with, though judging by the look of the pages, you need a line/continuous-feed printer to produce these books.

  2. 2 Kimberley

    Yes, it is an interesting piece of work indeed. It very much tickles the type nerd in me, but as you’ve said, I don’t think it would be much fun to read. The beauty lies (at least for me) in the method and process of the construction of the idea.

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