Body Tests and the Vertical Grid


Below is a PDF about how to create a vertical grid and also PDF of how I would set up a file for your type tests. PLEASE at least do some of these before next week. I want to see layouts or covers or type tests or SOMETHING!!!!!!!!

With your type tests, you should do as many variations of size, weight and alignment as you can – with all of the fonts you are considering. Then, print these pages out and read them. Can you read them? If not, then it’s not the right font for the job.

Do not use Comic Sans or any other “child-like” font for body. It is not readable and it looks amateur. If you want a font that will appeal to young kids, consider something that’s actually readable, something with a large counterspace and has serifs to help guide their eyes from one letter to another. Century Schoolbook is a good start. Clarendon is also good too.




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