A guide to setting good body


This mini guide will give you a few good tips on how to make your justified body copy look good. Just don’t tell Peter McGill that I think it’s sometimes good to hypenate justified body – he’ll kill me! guide-to-making-good-body.pdf

I will be teaching you all more next week about good typography, especially about how to choose the right font for your publication. Until then, have a read of this, it’s an article on how to find the right font.

Before next week (as well as finding more articles and pictures for your publication), try to set one of your articles in these 6 fonts – Bembo Regular, Garamond Regular, Palatino Regular, News Gothic Regular, Franklin Gothic Regular and Univers Light. All of these are in the CLASS 3 folder in my folder on the server. Use these settings:

SIZE: 9pt on 11pt leading
PARAGRAPH INDENT: 11pt (no indent on first paragraph)
ALIGNMENT: Ragged left

Once you have done that for all the 6 fonts, print out the pages and see which one looks best. Make sure you keep your audience in mind when selecting. Serif font for older readers, sans for younger is a pretty good way to think, but of course you can break the rules.


2 Responses to “A guide to setting good body”

  1. 1 anticspress

    that Pdf Magazine Link on the right is pure genius!

  2. 2 Kimberley

    Hope you find some good inspiration there.

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