typewriter art


This was done on an old typewriter, makes ASCII art look plain amateur. Click on the link to see it large. Link>>



3 Responses to “typewriter art”

  1. that’s insane!

  2. 2 lukasztyrala

    I’ve recently came across an article about painting with type which reminded me an ASCII Art.

    The work that you link to is — let’s say — an archetype for ASCII Art made using computer keyboard. What is even more fascinating is a fact that there are still artists using typewriters to draw ASCII Arts!

    I myself own a typewriter (not a very old stuff) but never had found a time and/or a motivation to use it in purpouse of drawing.

    The most difficult thing in dwrawing with typewriter is avoiding making mistakes. One wrong character and you’re starting from the white sheet.

    ASCII-Art form keyboard links:

    [1] http://home.autocom.pl/bjt/lt/ My AAs

    [2] http://www.ascii-art.de/

    [3] http://www.ascii.piwko.pl/galeriaASCII.html Collection of AA by Goldmoon

  3. 3 Kimberley

    Thanks for the links. I find both computer and typewriter ASCII amazing, but you are right about the mistakes thing – it takes that little bit extra to use a typewriter.

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