Class 2


For those who have missed out (or are going to miss out) on this weeks class, this is what you’ll need to do. If you fall behind it’s going to be really hard to catch up. Please keep in mind that I have about 80 students and not much time. Email me with your questions and keep up with the work, it will be much easier that way.

1. Write 50-100 word proposal and email to me ( by the end of the day of your class. So that’s Mondays for Glaser and Thursdays for everyone else. Remember that this is WORTH MARKS!

2. Write your content list. For a step-by-step guide on how to do this, refer to this pdf making-your-content-list.pdf

If you’d like to start working on your thumbnails, here is a template. thumbnails.pdf

3. Find some content and some photos for next week. Looking at your content list, find at least one article and one photo to bring in next week (class 3). We will be starting to do grids next week so you’ll need to have some content to work with. For some great articles, search the INFOTRAC database. It’s a great resource. You’ll need to type in your student number to use it. Make sure you bookmark this.

For some help with looking for images, check out this photography guide: photo-book.pdf


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