Welcome Everyone


Hi. Welcome to the blog for the publication design component of your Major Project. This is the same blog I had for my classes last year, so there’s a heap of old posts. You can read them, or you can ignore, it’s up to you.

I’ll be posting much more than information about publication design here. There will be stuff to inspire you and to help you grow as a designer. There will also be a very large range of random stuff to make you think and wonder. Have a look through the old posts from previous classes and check the links to the right.

Please feel free to comment, the more the merrier.

Thanks for the presentations today. Here are some random links for some of you. Don’t worry if your name isn’t below, there will be many more chances to get random links from me. You can just check out these links anyway…

Gabrielle check out vernacular typography, such as on this Flickr pool, or at your local butcher shop. Robby, check out Superfuture, specialty maps for people interested in art, design and fashion. Erika, check out the work of a Sydney animation company called Sixty40 for some visual inspiration. Annie, do you know of Gilles Trehin? He is an artist who has a rare type of autism resulting in an extraordinary ability to draw imagined detail. Check out the docos about him here. Another similar artist is Stephen Wiltshire. Anne, the slow food movement and the slow design movement might give you some inspiration about getting people to slow down, smell the roses, and take good photos of them (with film!). Also check out the plastic camera shots of Alex Craig.

Aon, you need to look at Wooster Collective, a great resource for street art. Mirna, and everyone, look at Houtlust for some very inspiring advertising for the non-profit sector. They have lots of stuff on animal rights. Prawira, here are some NSW government guidelines about urban design with young people in mind. Dibya, this is Pecha Kucha and the Cockatoo Island event – both things where designers in Sydney interact. Abdoul, go check out Deus Ex Machina, a motorbike shop and hangout space in Camperdown. The guy that runs it used to own Mambo. Also, Martin Mischkulnig’s photo series entitled “Hatchback Heroes” could give you some inspiration. Go to his PROJECTS page and look for the images of boys and their cars.


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