Where to start

My first link for you is one that you should visit everyday. It’s called Houtlust and is a wonderful resource for non-profit advertising and social campaigns. You’ll find some fantastic ideas here to inspire you.

I would also like you to register your theme at Fairfax’s News Alert page. This is a great way of keeping up with the media even if you are very busy, and believe me, you are going to get VERY busy. It will send you an email to tell you when there is an article about your project topic (for example, Homeless People). You’ll need to register as a user first.

ABC Radio National also has some great resources to develop your content. Do a search on their site to find transcripts of past shows on your subject matter.

Read Books!

As a graphic designer you should get into the habit of reading, after all, it is words and content that you will be working in your career. I have compiled a list of my favourite books and book stores here.

Numbers can be interesting

Did you know that 20,030,000 barrels of oil are consumed in the U.S per day, whereas Australia uses just 875,600? Go to Nationmaster to find out some interesting numerical facts about Australia vs the rest of the world.

You should also visit the Australian Bureau of Statistics and check up on specifics of your target market.


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