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I can hardly believe that in about a month I will be in another country and back in school – I think the last exam I had was my driving test – so this will be interesting. I have given my fair share of presentation tips over the last couple of years whilst teaching, but […]

OK, so it’s a fictional project but, never-the-less, it’s an effective ambient ad for the creator Erik Nordenankar. The work is called The Biggest Drawing in the World and was “created” by Erik sending a GPS unit around the world in a plane. More about the work here and thanks to We Made This for […]

Quick response


From Creative Review Blog: Quick Response Codes (those square pixellated barcodes that, when scanned by a camera phone, bring up information or link to a particular website) have moved into the world of bespoke fashion. Emma Cott, a Munich-based clothing label has launched a new collection of t-shirts enabling users of social networking sites such […]

The 10th Design Indaba in Capetown “aims to guide, enlighten, stimulate and inspire all who practise design, commission design or rely on design to run a business”. The Creative Review blog has been live posting from the conference. The summary below is from a talk by Professor Shin-ichi Takemura from Japan. The talk was all […]

  CR Blog reports on the Christmas light display in Central London. Instead of the usual tinsel and mistletoe, this year Nokia has sponsored the decorations as part of their launch of a new phone. The lights have been designed by advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy. They are interactive and change colour depending on the […]

A new multimedia installation, called “Moveable Type,” in the foyer of the Renzo Piano-designed New York Times building, flashes phrases from the day’s newspaper onto digital screens to create a work that is “an organism that is living and breathing and consuming the news,” says one of the artists Ben Rubin. Read an article about […]

An article on the SMH site talks about how location based technology such as GPS, digital walking tours and mobile social networks are all changing the face of tourism and shaping a new breed of interactive explorers. One of the interesting ideas comes from the ABC (you know that funny station without ads!). They have […]



Hektor is a portable Spray-paint Output Device for laptop computers.

  This Affective Diary captures bio-data (heart rate, skin temp, etc) to provide a way to record experiences of past events. Diary keepers wear sensory devices that measure the various bio-data to help them capture some of the physical, bodily aspects of experiences and emotions. The data is uploaded via SMS. It is only a […]

  Ars Virtua is a nonprofit art space inside of the online game world of Second Life. They’ve recently put out a call for artists to apply for 11-week residencies that offer cash funding (not just Second Life’s Linden dollars), virtual work space, and an exhibition within their increasingly popular gallery.


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