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How to ski


These beautiful pages are from “How to ski by the French method: Emile Allais technic” (1947). Photos and layout was by Pierre Boucher. Emile Allais was a champion French downhill skier and renown instructor who teamed up with Pierre Boucher to make this design classic. Copies of this book go for £300 to £700 in […]



Last week, Michael Twyman showed us his collection of directories: books such as early phone directories and lists of world publications. This is the 1943 French street directory. Over 3,000 pages, including yellow pages advertising. Imagine that being thrown over your front fence! Note the printed advertising on the page edges. This book was very […]

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been enjoying some quiet time post-teaching; I even went for a swim today. I have been noticing a few posts around the blogosphere about “homages” to old designs as well as blatant rip-offs. As you are all at the start of your design careers, plagiarism is something […]



MagCulture reports that the recently relaunched Radar magazine says it’s all about “Pop Culture for Smart People”. The content isn’t for me, but I do like their infographic style and liberal helpings of Cooper Black.

Issuu is the place for online publications: Magazines, catalogs, documents, and stuff you’d normally find on print. It’s the place where YOU become the publisher: Upload a document, it’s fast, easy, and totally FREE. Find and comment on thousands of great publications. Join a living library, where anyone finds publications about anything and share them […]

From Creative Review: Objects As Magazines / Magazines As Objects is the title of an exhibition currently running in Art Book in Milan that looks at a wide range of publications that explore publishing territory beyond the usual flat, bound magazine format. The exhibition includes Australia’s very own Is Not Magazine.

To commemorate World AIDS day last year, a South African newspaper utilized their page numbers to highlight the horrible statistics relating to AIDS in southern Africa. Link va Osocio.

If you need a bit of a distraction as you design your covers and you can handle a bit of thickly dripping satire, have a look at the Onion’s take on the magazine cover…Link>

Penguin UK has collaborated with alternate reality game designers Six to Start on the We Tell Stories project. Over six weeks, authors will be challenged to come up with a reworking of a “Penguin Classic” and design it especially to be viewed on the internet. The page above is from Matt Mason and Nicholas Feltron […]

Cover designs


On Monday you will each have to present 3 cover designs on screen. Please make your PDFs BEFORE class and put them on the desktop of the lecturer’s computer (with your name) BEFORE the start of class. I want to make this process as efficient as possible. If your file is not on the desktop […]


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