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Blu is an Italian artist who has created an astonishing piece of work in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Make sure you turn up the sound and watch it all the way to the end, it’s amazing.

Even though Improv Everywhere would urge you to look up more, Candy thinks it would be nice for people to look down more, but to get some help whilst they are doing it. Link Via Wooster.

Via Wooster is this fabulous piece of site-specific graffiti (that I now think is a painting). This reminds me of a piece that artist John Christie produced for a book of correspondence between he and artist/author John Berger, of Ways of Seeing fame. Christie painted a square of egg-yellow on a wall where a patch […]

Street art tees


via SpeakUp is this nice campaign for Fresh Cotton tees.  Random artwork for the t-shirt is provided by a die cut in the poster. Link to more pics >

This coming Monday in Surry Hills there will be an artist talk on a street art movement from San-Francisco called Street Art Workers or SAW Established in the U.S. in 2001, SAW is a global network of artists who use graphic art to support social change. SAW makes and distributes posters internationally to publicise the […]

Street Art


  Some nice things via Wooster. The billboard above is like fridge poetry. It’s by Seattle artist Ryan. Also, have a look at this interview with Shepard Fairey where he talks about his many influences, including one of my favourite punk songs, Black Flag’s Rise Above.

If the reality of this image scares you, go on the Walk Against Warming this Sunday. This image via Wooster 

  The Bubble Project stuck speech bubbles onto advertising posters as an open invitation for the public to comment. The results were photographed are are online here > You can download your own for a wee bit of culture jamming should you be so inclined.

The Sydney Stencil Festival has started. It’s on at Pine St Creative Arts Centre from 16 – 28 October. There are demonstrations, classes and of course lots and lots of lovely stencil art. Check the website here > Murdocracy by Die Laughing Crew, Tasmania

Bezier grafitti


Sometimes, some designers really need help. This person obviously spends WAY too long in Illustrator. Link via Speak Up.


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