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Nice one guys


Congratulations Felix for getting a mention on It’s Nice That. Also to Magdelena and Malin. Looks like Billy Blue is continuing to deliver the goods. FELIX LOBELIUS Graphic Design For a design school I’d never heard of until last autumn, The Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney, Australia is producing some pretty accomplished designers. Felix […]



A gorgeous new Hillman Curtis film looks at the new book and life coaching maxims from über-designer – and all round nice guy it seems – Stefan Sagmeister The image above shows Sagmeister writing some of his maxims into the condensation of the front window of the gallery where the exhibition of the book Things […]

Swiss design duo so+ba live in Tokyo. PingMag have an interview with them and some more examples of their work. Interview Link > For this magazine so+ba employed an ‘exquisite corpse’ method of collectively assembling a collection of words or images with each collaborator adding to a composition in sequence. They were each cut into […]


How can design help to save the world? This is a question raised and answered in some part by the Designism symposium held at the Art Directors Club of New York. Speakers included Steven Heller, Milton Glaser and Tony Hendra who said this of design and dissent: “I believe design can change people’s minds. Design […]

When Maurice Woods was growing up in a poor neighbourhood in the USA, there were not many career options available to him. Whilst at university on a basketball scholarship, he stumbled upon this thing we call graphic design. Supported by his mother, who had always recognised his ability to draw well, Maurice embarked on a […]

  Dan Collier a recent graduate from the UK was named D&AD’s Best New Blood for 2007. The work above is a physical representation of links within the world of typography. Look at more on his site > Thanks to visual complexity for the link.

The Blues


  Some good work over at Spanish design company Lamosca, including a timeline of the history of Blues music in the USA. Link >

Street Art


  Some nice things via Wooster. The billboard above is like fridge poetry. It’s by Seattle artist Ryan. Also, have a look at this interview with Shepard Fairey where he talks about his many influences, including one of my favourite punk songs, Black Flag’s Rise Above.

Further to the post about the CR Blog interview with Peter Saville is this conference talk he did for the Urbis, an exhibition centre in Manchester UK. Interestingly, the talk was screened in Second Life as well as at the actual centre. There are a few more talks scheduled via Second Life, so if you […]

Peter Saville


CR Blog has an interview with Peter Saville, the English graphic designer most widely known for his work for Factory records, such as his sleeve designs for Joy Division and New Order. That’s the Blue Monday cover below. Link >


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