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Greener car ads


New advertising rules being proposed by the EU look set to make car ads a lot more attractive to the greenies amongst us. If the proposal is implemented, car manufacturers in Europe will have to include a climate hazard alert on their ads, much like the health warnings on cigarette packets. One UK politician is […]

via Wooster

OK, so it’s a fictional project but, never-the-less, it’s an effective ambient ad for the creator Erik Nordenankar. The work is called The Biggest Drawing in the World and was “created” by Erik sending a GPS unit around the world in a plane. More about the work here and thanks to We Made This for […]

Last year I posted a definition of Ambient Advertising: Ambient Advertising was coined as a term in the early 90s when clients started asking their agencies to do “something a little different” for them. So instead of the usual outdoor billboards, print and television ads, they started to place ads on unusual items or unusual […]

The Anti-Advertising Agency uses tools and techniques of the ad industry to question the effect of advertising in public space. One of their current projects is raising money to “free” creatives from the clutches of advertising agencies so that they may use their creative powers for good instead of evil. Link> They have stickers and […]

Toy Soldiers


Patrick Martinez made 50 sets of toy soldiers and shopdropped them into Target stores. The project was part of an exhibition called LA vs WAR. Through the project Martinez hopes to raise awareness of the hopeless situation of many poor families who have no other choice but to send their kids to fight wars in […]

Quick response


From Creative Review Blog: Quick Response Codes (those square pixellated barcodes that, when scanned by a camera phone, bring up information or link to a particular website) have moved into the world of bespoke fashion. Emma Cott, a Munich-based clothing label has launched a new collection of t-shirts enabling users of social networking sites such […]

Future Lions


  AKQA and the Cannes Lions festival are looking for entries in the ’08 Future Lions student competition. The brief is simple and open-ended: advertise a global brand in a way that wouldn’t have been possible five years ago. Use new media. Use old media in new ways. The deadline is fast-approaching: mark May 19th […]



Just to remind you about the Osocio site for non-profit advertising. There are some good campaigns on there at the moment for subjects you are targeting in your Major Projects, such as crystal meth addiction, football hooliganism and human rights. Link >

Pavement advertising for the TV show Underbelly which, in case you don’t know, is a dramatisation of Melbourne gangland killings in the early 90s. I am hesitant to call this ambient advertising as it’s not exactly a new and different method of advertising. Photo © Ben Glazier 


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