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Every Suzuki car will have one of these books in the glovebox thanks to Sven Voelker Studio. If You Could posed the question to illustrators ’If you could do anything tomorrow, what would it be?‘. This book is the result. Lieven De Boeck is an artist who works with the experience of site and space. […]

Even though Improv Everywhere would urge you to look up more, Candy thinks it would be nice for people to look down more, but to get some help whilst they are doing it. Link Via Wooster.

via Wooster is this clever piece of street art by Joshua Allen Harris. Made with discarded plastic bags, the sculpture comes to life when a train rushes through the subway underneath the grate.

ANOTHER CHANGE. Please note new class times below. This has just been confirmed with Nadia, Ian and Matt. Please come to the class times below. EMERY 10:30am – 12:30pm ORCHARD 1pm-3pm

Vice magazine’s Canadian edition has run a glow-in-the-dark ad for BMW on its front cover… Via Folio.

Future Lions


  AKQA and the Cannes Lions festival are looking for entries in the ’08 Future Lions student competition. The brief is simple and open-ended: advertise a global brand in a way that wouldn’t have been possible five years ago. Use new media. Use old media in new ways. The deadline is fast-approaching: mark May 19th […]

Via Thriving is this inspiring and delightful project by activist and photographer JR, who takes portraits of people pulling faces and prints them LARGE and places them in public places. JR’s aim is to “shift thinking habits and reframe our stereotypes and prejudices”. Should you be wishing to make your own large prints, you might […]

The Guardian Media briefing reports on a few new web magazines targetting women who “feel patronised by glossy magazines”. It serves up The Lipster and WowoWow as two examples that offer intelligent comment as well as a smattering of glamour to address the balance. Now all they need to realise is that good design is […]

More fonts


Bree from Type Together is quite lovely, if you are looking for a modern yet friendly sans serif… via Type Neu.

I don’t agree with this list entirely, but for those who are really struggling to make some good font choices, this list of “60 Brilliant Typefaces for Corporate Design” might point you in a good direction. I just bought the whole package of Museo, the third one down. Three of the weights are free. Via […]


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