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Good looking brochure designs for a good looking car. From the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Link >> Reminds me of Plan 59, a site that collects, displays and sells old car ads from the 1950s.

I wish I could write like this… the one on the right that is…

Homeless signs


  The aim of these metal street signs is to make passersby contemplate the city’s homeless population. The artist is Mark Daye and there are more shots on his Flickr page. Via Core77 via anarchitecture via cluster

First Class


As promised, here is the first presentation from class. class-1-presentation.pdf Can you all please remember to bring those Publication Design booklets with you each week? I will be constantly asking you to refer to certain pages in class. Thank you.


Rene Wanner is an avid poster collector and his website Poster Page has a good collection of posters on art, design, theater, politics and is a good all-round resource for poster designers. The image below is so beautifully simple yet powerful, it just makes me swoon. It’s by an Italian designer Gianni Bortolotti.

Album cover art


Always wanted to design album artwork? This is a great little creative project where you have to create artwork from randomly generated imagery and text. Lots of fun and a good way to get the creative juices flowing. What to do: 1. Hit this link and the first article title on the page is the […]

Street art tees


via SpeakUp is this nice campaign for Fresh Cotton tees.  Random artwork for the t-shirt is provided by a die cut in the poster. Link to more pics >

Although the blog where this post comes from is for industrial designers, they raise some good points for communication designer. Just what is it that makes the ability to draw SO important in design? The post says that the concept drawings of some famous designers, such as Marc Newson and the Eames’, are more “cartoons […]

  stock.xchng  An interesting post on 1+1=3 reacting to the new George Monbiot book Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning. In the book, Monbiot says large supermarkets, with their aisles of brightly lit displays, are a large contributor to the production of greenhouse gases. Warehouses that store groceries use less electricity than these […]

Good Magazine has a list of organisations that are raising funds by the sale of t-shirts. There are a variety of charities listed, but the first one is the one that caught my eye. The t-shirt costs $425 which will go toward buying a water meter for poor Alabama residents, a state in the US […]


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