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The covers of La Luna de Metrópoli magazine, a weekly supplement of the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, have always struck a chord with me for their originality and concepts. The art director, Rodrigo Sanchez, has put up a gallery of 50 covers on the SpeakUp! site. They have also conducted an interview with him.

Artist call out


Gallery fourtyfour is currently seeking submissions and expressions of interest for an exhibition to support International Women’s Day to open on March 8 2008. This theme for this year is “100 years of women in paid and unpaid work”. Head to the website for more contact details.

This coming Monday in Surry Hills there will be an artist talk on a street art movement from San-Francisco called Street Art Workers or SAW Established in the U.S. in 2001, SAW is a global network of artists who use graphic art to support social change. SAW makes and distributes posters internationally to publicise the […]

A former Billy Blue student, Andy Boot, has been artist in residence at Atelier Rondo Studio’s in Graz, Austria for the past few months . The series of paintings he has been working on are now in a group exhibition at the studio. The works began as a reflection on spam email and have developed […]

Deeper luxury


WWF-UK has analysed the environmental performance of the top ten luxury brands (such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton) and has published its findings online. The report, titled Deeper Luxury, presents their vision for a more sustainable future for the luxury brand industry. In the report they call for a new type of […]

What would you do to improve your city if you didn’t have to worry about budgets, politics, beauracracy or physics? This is the question that was asked of architects, city planners and transport engineers in San Fransisco to develop the Wish You Were Here: Postcards from our Awesome Future project. The results were printed as […]

Holy cow


Pentagram have just launched their redesign of Dairy Today. This is especially for those of you heading into 3rd year – you’ll have a redesign to do in 2nd semester this year – so bookmark this link for future reference. Think about doing something a little less mainstream for your redesign, a publication that you […]

Poster display


More on the trend, tired and true, of taking a photo of your poster design whilst holding it. Read some other comments here and here > Photo: Craig Robinson

The US Library of Congress is based in Washington and has about 14 million historical photographs (amongst other things, they are the world’s biggest library apparently). They are beginning to put some of their collection on Flickr. It’s well worth a look. Link  This photo is by Palmer, Alfred T, and is of an electric […]



I Love Typography has published the 3rd in their series of explanations of type terms. This briefly explains Transitional fonts such as Baskerville, Bookman, Cheltenham, Joanna and Slimbach. Make sure you follow some of the links at the end of the summary so that you can expand your knowledge beyond one person’s point of view. […]


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