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You may have seen this…. funniest infographic ever? Thanks Boing Boing


Ad Goodness


Ad Goodness (link at right in advertising) has some great ads from around the world, such as this one from BBDO in New York. It’s an ambient ad for The Sopranos.Very clever.

You know the grey background in Preview mode of Indesign? It’s always bugged me. It was never dark enough or light enough for my tastes. But, I’ve just found out that you can change the colour. Woo hoo. Just go to  INDESIGN> REFERENCES> GUIDES & PASTEBOARD. Then change the PREVIEW BACKGROUND to black, white, or […]

These are beautiful. Artist Tim Knowles ties pens to trees and lets them do the drawing. via lines and colors

As in every production week at Billy Blue, there are three industry speakers coming to talk in the Auditorium on Thursday September 6th from 12pm noon to 3pm. Cost is $5 to cover the cost of lunch and small gifts for the speakers. The theme of the talks is ‘Multi: the artificial divide’ which investigates […]


  This is what a publication designer does…. Set in Radio, a new font from Village.

Poster design


  Erich Brechbühl is a Swiss designer. The posters he designs for Mix, a monthly concert staged by his workplace Mixer, change in visual approach each month. What remains constant is the use of yellow and black. You can see the posters on this luscious poster website Gig Posters, or visit the Mixer website. They […]

The Dutch design firm Team Tchm created the communications strategy for Beyond Leidsche Rijn, an public space art programme for a new city of 150,000 people near Utrecht. Their “toolkit” for communication included many different narrative elements, including posters, photo stories, animations and a website. The design team constructed a diverse design language that could […]



Maybe, if I get some spare time, I will expand on these links. But for now, here’s a bit of random linkage for you. Let them Eat Cake is a fashion magazine put together by assistants from the industry. Harper’s Bazaar have done a fashion shoot with the Simpsons. This illustrated history of magazine cover […]


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