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Logolalia has some very interesting art projects, including this one entitled Altered Books. The project is described as follows: Cut the bindings off of books found at a used book store. Find poems in the pages by the process of obliteration. Put pages in the mail and send them all around the world. Lather, rinse, […]

Someone has drawn a map of Springfield


The Czech ad agency Kaspen was launched in 2002 by Peňažka and Kašpar – two agency veterans, who in 2001 left Leo Burnett Advertising. Their portfolio site has some amazing flash and a collection of great advertising ideas, like this one for Vodaphone/Oskar used to advertise that they are “obsessed with coverage” – the bus […]

Cool old stuff


This print is from a book with the longest title ever: Encyclopaedia Londinensis; or, Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Literature, Comprehending, Under One General Alphabetical Arrangement, all the Words and Substance of Every Kind of Dictionary Extant in the English Language . In which the Improved Departments of the Mechanical Arts, the Liberal Sciences, […]

A great collection of Penguin book covers here on Flikr. Via Thinking in Pictures.

These old Russian posters are very cool and very clever. This one says Alcohol – Socially Dangerous. If you have found this page by searching “anti-alcohol posters” -  just out of interest – what were you expecting to find? I seem to get a lot of you!

Tomohiro TACHI does amazing origami.

For those of you who would like to bind your own publications, here are a few links. This tutorial is for a very simple book. This tutorial is for a hard cover book. This PDF booklet.pdf shows you how to make a book with just staples and glue. I would suggest that you practice your […]



Cool little animation made with the graphics used in airport signs. The film is part of the Portable Film Festival, which is an international festival of short films just for portable devices. Sony PSPs, iPod videos, 3G phones, laptop screens, etc.

Future Currents


This website is part of RED – Future Currents, a project run by the Design Council (UK) to investigate domestic energy use. The project has developed concepts for ways to help home owners reduce their domestic energy consumption and C02 emissions. To look at energy saving from a homeowner’s point of view, the team of […]


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